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Infinit Nutrition Nocturne

Infinit Nutrition Nocturne

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Nighttime protein recovery drink mix formulated for slow extended absorption, to soothe tired muscles and stimulate muscle repair and growth overnight.

NOCTURNE Nighttime Recharge is a natural protein drink mix designed to support rest and muscle recovery overnight.

Scientifically formulated with BCAAs, tryptophan, casein, and whey protein powders to provide an extended release of amino acids to repair and rebuild. Plus a mixture of inflammation-fighting flaxseed, and clean carbs to recharge tired muscles.

Before bed, simply mix with your favorite milk for a delicious way to nourish your muscles and maximize your recovery while you’re fast asleep.

Stimulates glycogen & muscle tissue repair


Made with casein protein for maximum overnight recovery.

Tryptophan added for relaxation and restful sleep, with NO melatonin.

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