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Probar - Meal on the Go - Banana Nut Bread

Probar - Meal on the Go - Banana Nut Bread

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We had the Sunday morning, fresh from the oven smell of Banana Nut Bread in our minds when we created this bar. Getting the proper nutrients your body needs on day five of your backpacking trip or preparing for a busy commute to work can be difficult when you’re crunched for time. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a delicious, fast, and filling breakfast before jumping into the day. This bar’s 9g of protein and 400 nutrient-dense calories keep you feeling full and energetic for hours.

Expiry Date - 1 November 2023

Nutrition Facts

  • 85g bar
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • 9g Protein
  • 6g Fiber
  • 400 Calories
  • Non-GMO Project Certified
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